Challenging Traditional Patriotism

Title Date
‘hacking’ into a flying drone 06/29/2012
1970s Origins of Accelerated Rise of Nonwhite Incarceration in the US 04/25/2015
A Dialogue With the Great Spirit – A Satirical Poem 10/04/2012
All War IS Local 09/12/2012
American Exceptionalism: The Rhetoric and the Reality 12/19/2013
Armistice Day Has Morphed Into Veterans Day* – “Thank You For Your Service!” 11/11/2013
Assumptions Are Killing Us 07/08/2012
Celebrating Columbus is Blasphemy 10/01/1999
Corporation’s Usurpation of Democracy is as US American as Apple Pie 04/24/2015
Developing Nonviolent Bioregional Revolutionary Strategies 08/16/2013
DIS-ARM-ament: GUNS Purpose Are to Kill, Not Preserve Life 01/12/2013
DOD STARBASE – An Insidious KID Recruitment Program 03/07/2010
Examining US Rhetoric, Patterns, & AWOL – the Wool IS Our Eyes (not pulled over our eyes) 08/16/2013
Fundamentalism on Steroids 11/22/2012
History US military Overt and Covert Global Interventions 07/15/2012
History: US Military Interventions Against Domestic civil, Racial and labor “Unrest” 01/19/2012
Housing as a right, but not yet protected by US Constitution 12/09/2012
Memorial Day! What Does It Mean? 05/01/2000
Noncooperation with and Resistance to Illegal Militarism and Wars are Legal under International and U.S. Constitutional Law (Nuremberg Principles) 02/01/2005
Obedience To Vertical Authority – Pathology of Civilization 09/05/2015
Police Brutality in Anaheim 07/24/2012
RE 2012 so-called US Presidential Selection 10/23/2012
Rhetoric vs Reality (the patterns) 09/18/2015
Shame is the Wool IN our Eyes 02/10/2016
Surveillance, Searches, Wiretapping Without Warrants; Deportations Without Due Process, Have Long U.S. History 10/28/2012
Terror and Preventive War are “American” Values 05/01/2005
The Defining and Enabling Experience of Our “Civilization” — Genocide and THE THANKSGIVING MYTH 11/21/2012
The Failure of Peace Treaties 05/15/2014
The Indian Problem 03/18/2016
The Pretend Society 03/05/2012
The Secret Behind the Arrowheads 01/31/2010
The Secret of the Arrowheads (Summary) 08/29/2015
The US Fear of Peace 11/18/2015
The Weight Of It All: From July 3, 1979 to 9/11 to Paris 2015 01/01/2016
Torture IS an “American” Value: Reality Versus the Rhetoric 05/01/2007
Unthinkable Premises 11/08/2015
US Commission of War Crimes Is the General Rule 10/11/2012
US Total Lawless State; Petition to UN for Redress 08/04/2012
Walpole State Prison: An Exercise in Torture 06/01/1981
War is a racket. It preserves the racket of capitalism. 06/26/2012
What the Flag Means To Me 07/01/2000
“Thank You For Your Service!” – Armistice Day* Has Morphed Into Veterans Day, From Honoring Peace to Glorifying War 11/10/2015
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