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Obomber’s Murder Lists

Excellent essay by the always poignant John Pilger. Tough guy Obomber personally selects the victims of his drone attacks from mug shots on a kill list handed him by his intelligence advisors on “terror Tuesdays.”

Liberation Requires Disobedience

In 1553, or thereabouts, a young French lawyer, Etienne De La Boetie, wrote an amazing essay, The Politics of Obedience: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, in which his study of the history of tyranny revealed that no matter how hierarchical power is derived – kings, dictators or elections – men inevitably enable their own tyrants. Whether […]

This is a Test! Blog posting on Facebook

If you are reading this on Facebook, that is a very good sign…. Many of my Facebook friends will be aware that I have recently threatened to deactivate my FB account. In response, several people suggested I find a way for my blogs to simultaneously appear on my FB page via RSS feed. My technical […]

U.S. And South Korea Assault An Idyllic Island: Not For The First Time

As a member of Veterans For Peace I am part of an organization representing thousands of U.S. military veterans who have participated in various overt and covert U.S. interventions violating the sovereignty of countless countries. This policy has caused incalculable harm to people, cultures, and the environment. Our personal experiences summon us to carefully re-examine […]

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