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The US Fear of Peace

The arrogance of Eurocentric and ethnocentric thinking in the New World, bolstered by the settler’s utilization of military technology, produced an omnipotent mindset enabling the conquering with impunity everything and everybody in their path. Examining US history reveals that when popular domestic movements within or without seriously question power they are perceived as threats to […]

“Thank You For Your Service!” – Armistice Day* Has Morphed Into Veterans Day, From Honoring Peace to Glorifying War

“Thank you for your service.” For more than the three decades that I have publicly acknowledged being a veteran, I continue to hear over and over this professed appreciation. Not long ago I was admitted to the Portland, VA hospital. Once completing medical intake the attending physician made a point to thank me for my […]

Unthinkable Premises

Features of US Culture: Economic Exploitation/Expansion, Ecological Destruction, Oligarchic Governance, Built on Genocides With Impunity Primary Meme of US culture: Profits for a few (mostly White men/patriarchy) through expansion at ANY cost =US empire. This selfish model is now global on a finite planet. John Locke defined empire as a way of life that takes wealth […]

Bombing History – including U.S. Record

PREFACE: KOREA To this day, some of the heaviest sustained bombing in the Twentieth Century was rained on Korea, especially in the North, during the three years of the Korean War, 1950-53. This bombardment occurred from naval ships offshore as well as from fighter-bombers in the air. The U.S./U.N. forces were intervening in a country […]

Norman Morrison Commemoration on the 50th Anniversary of His Sacrifice On Behalf of the Vietnamese

Fifty years ago today, November 2, 2015, at about 5:20 p.m., a 31-year-old Quaker named Norman Morrison immolated himself 40 feet from the window of US Secretary of War Robert McNamara’s office at the Pentagon. I was a law student in Washington, DC at the time. Most US Americans know little of our nation’s history […]

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