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Examining US Rhetoric, Patterns, & AWOL – the Wool IS Our Eyes (not pulled over our eyes)

PROPOSITION: The USA is a relatively recent nation-state culture. It is an over-sized imperial monster, irredeemable, unreformable, and vertically anti-democratic, enabled by popular obedience & cooperation, even if reluctant, of the vast majority of our non-autonomous population who deeply believe in and materially benefit from manifest destiny, maintained at any cost. Original wool IS in […]

Developing Nonviolent Bioregional Revolutionary Strategies

Basic Premises: I. Industrial civilization is on a collision course with life itself. Facilitating its collapse is a deserved and welcomed correction, long overdue. Collapse is inevitable whether we seek to facilitate it or not. Nonetheless, whatever we do, industrial civilization, based as it is on mining and burning finite and polluting fossil fuels, cannot […]

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