US America Needs No Fixing – It is Already Totally FIXED

November 26, 2019

It continues to be very difficult for we US Americans to acknowledge that our political system and its capitalist economy is deeply corrupt and fixed, that we find it easier to always distract ourselves by demonizing others. In some ways, it is irrelevant whether the Clinton and Podesta emails were leaked or hacked, as the Democrats created the hoax of Russiagate to avoid severe self-examination of their own corruption and deceptive practices. The Democrats have ignored working people’s needs for at least 40 years as it became corporate. And the large amount of disenfranchisement among US voters due to Jim Crow revitalization, and excluding many felons for life, eliminate many citizens from voting. Then to understand that our entire political system is one big financial scheme preserving an oligarchy of plutocrats, how can we even call ourselves a republic. We have never been a democracy. We are addicted to materialism. It is our stubborn belief in our validity as a nation, certainly as compared to others, that I believe preempts our capacity for the kind of popular revolt we need to be a nation with integrity and a true commitment to justice. This requires a nonviolent revolution that we have yet experienced, though the radical changes in the late 1960s threatened the system as never before with a break out of real democracy.

But how can we possibly ever believe what the US or its agencies say? The basic principle is lying. Since WWII, the US has militarily intervened in dozens of countries nearly 400 times, covertly thousands of times. It has attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders, attempted to suppress popular movements in 20 countries, dropped bombs on at least 30 countries, and has grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries and, according to a political science professor at Carnegie Mellon Univ, has attempted influence other country presidential elections 81 times between 1946 and 2000. Would the US ever willingly admit these interventionist deeds?  And we have no real, genuine free, investigative press, just a corporate one spewing the capitalist, US exceptional rhetoric. What is it we are believing in here in the USA?

Our official policy is Full Spectrum Dominance, to be militarily superior in all sea spaces, air spaces, and ground spaces, as well as outer space, cyber space, and mental space between our ears. Currently the US has special ops forces in 150 countries, and is dropping bombs and missiles on at least 7 countries. We preserve a capitalist, class society with now the largest disparity between rich and poor in the industrial world, and one of the worst disparities among all countries. Our capitalist neoliberal interests now cover every corner of the globe such that there is no safe place in the world from US intervention, often conniving, spewing deceit, and acting diabolically beyond most of our comprehension. And it is not possible now for US policy to possess any concern for human beings elsewhere, though we attempt to fool the public by manipulating scenarios with staged photos, while uttering the most ridiculous, self-serving, non-factual rhetoric to justify “humanitarian intervention.” We want control of everything.

Now we want a new cold war, threatening hot war with Russia, led by the Democrats. It is all about demonizing others “out there” to avoid honestly addressing the demons in our own history, our own oligarchic structures, and imperial policies. I just don’t understand how we can be so concerned about Putin, or Nicaragua, or Syria, etc., when our system is so globally destructive and undemocratic and unfair at home. Will we support an international movement to intervene into the affairs of the US because our policies are totally endangering all life on the planet. We seem not yet to able to organize a popular nonviolent revolution at home to arrest our own criminally corrupt system and the dangerous policies it imposes, while enriching a small few as war making is now the most lucrative path to obscene profits. Will we wake up? Or just continue to point fingers elsewhere and become extinct with no dignity whatsoever?

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