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Years after my experience in Vietnam, where I witnessed the immediate aftermath of intentional, low-flight bombings of inhabited fishing villages, I again personally witnessed the cruel and nearly incomprehensible U.S. wars against the restive but humble barefoot and shirtless peoples of Central America in the 1980s. I was in disbelief, literally feeling sick to my […]

What is a Human Being Worth? An “American” versus an Afghanistan Citizen

On Sunday, June 14, I read an article in the Sunday Times Online (UK), “Afghan Villagers Slain As They Took Cover,” describing the results of a 2,000-pound bomb dropped by a US B1 bomber in Afghanistan’s Farah Province on May 4. Estimates of number of civilians killed (murdered) range from Afghan officials’ figure of 140 […]

Disobedience to Top-Down Authority

On this day in 1943, the US Supreme Court clearly invalidated compulsory flag salutes and the Pledge of Allegiance for public schoolchildren. This case was brought by Jehovah’s Witnesses who believe it is blasphemous to worship, serve or pledge allegiance to any secular image because it interferes with undivided loyalty to God. It is ironic […]

“Collateral Damage”

The more recent use of the term “collateral damage” is nothing but a euphemism for the murder of civilians, usually in wartime – in effect the commission of Nuremberg war crimes and crimes against humanity, usually as a part of the more encompassing Nuremberg crime against peace. Prior to the use of the term “collateral […]

Egregious Human Consequences of Computer Technology

The Congo (those over 60 may remember it as “the Belgian Congo”) is a key geo-strategic area for the functioning of modern, high-tech society. It just so happens that the “precious” metals and minerals needed for the functioning of cell phones, computers, etc., are found in abundance in the Congo, a country of 60 million […]

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