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Surveillance, Searches, Wiretapping Without Warrants; Deportations Without Due Process, Have Long U.S. History

Introduction Searching for honest history enables us to possess a critical frame of reference in which to judge current policies, and in which to re-evaluate the authenticity of our supposed “Constitutional Republic.” From the origins of our Republic, the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton feared that “democracy” could easily lapse into chaos, believing that a […]

RE 2012 so-called US Presidential Selection

What a distraction an election is from serious pursuit of our human responsibilities and sensitivities. We are increasingly aware that industrial civilization is on a collision course with life itself on the Planet, and the modern Eurocentric nation state’s political economies such as in the USA are coordinating the plunder toward our extinction as the […]

US Commission of War Crimes Is the General Rule

(Originally written June 14, 2009) The (UK) Sunday Times Online Edition, June 14, 2009, reported that the Bush II administration Iraq policy agreed to accept 30 civilian deaths (murders) for each attack on a “high-value” target. Under the Obama administration the acceptable number has been reportedly reduced to single digits (“Afghan Villagers Slain As They […]

A Dialogue With the Great Spirit – A Satirical Poem

Originally written the night of January 17-18, 1991 Upon hearing of the news on the radio in the evening of January 17, 1991 that President Bush had launched US bombing of Iraq, I spent much of the night into the wee morning hours of January 18 writing this satirical poem…….   O Great Spirit, Thank […]

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