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Why Do We Kill, Maim, and Colonize? Case of Norman Morrison

S. Brian Willson, June 1986 While in Nicaragua during January and February of 1986, I was very moved by the attitudes of love and compassion extended to me by the Nicaraguan people. Why are they not angry and bitter toward me, a citizen of the mast powerful nation in the world that is waging a […]

S Brian Willson, 71 years old, Guantanamo Fast Solidarity Statement, June 4, 2013.

(; My Personal Fast I have been on a 300-calorie-a-day indefinite hunger strike since Sunday evening, May 12. As of today, having completed 23 days of fasting, I have lost nearly 21 pounds. My participation in this strike was prompted by the decision of 130-140 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (where 166 total prisoners […]

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