Envisioning Nonviolent Revolutionary Alternatives

Title Date
Shame is the Wool IN our Eyes 02/10/2016
Reflections – Thirty Years 01/07/2016
Unthinkable Premises 11/08/2015
Norman Morrison Commemoration on the 50th Anniversary of His Sacrifice On Behalf of the Vietnamese 11/02/2015
Are principles of quantum physics applicable to human consciousness? 10/21/2015
Mahatma Gandhi’s two-prong program: (1) noncooperation, & (2) constructive alternative 12/29/2014
The Importance of the December 1914 Christmas Truce 12/02/2014
Developing Nonviolent Bioregional Revolutionary Strategies 08/16/2013
SLOW AND SMALL ARE BEAUTIFUL (9/6/2011) 07/21/2013
S Brian Willson, 71 years old, Guantanamo Fast Solidarity Statement, June 4, 2013. 06/05/2013
DIS-ARM-ament: GUNS Purpose Are to Kill, Not Preserve Life 01/12/2013
The Systemic Sickness of War and Violence – Personal and Collective Healing 11/25/2012
RE 2012 so-called US Presidential Selection 10/23/2012
Human Preservation Movement 07/06/2012
Death – The Key to the Door of Life 07/02/2012
What We Know After Rio 06/26/2012
Choosing nonviolence or nonexistence 06/26/2012
Gene Sharp: A Dictator’s Worst Nightmare 06/25/2012
Liberation Requires Disobedience 06/25/2012
Equality and Mutual Aid: Indispensable for Species Survival 01/28/2010
Breaking Our Addiction to War 01/25/2010
THE SHADOW 06/28/2009
9/11 & Bush are Distractions from a People’s Revolt from Below 04/01/2007
Prohibited Government Recruiting 09/01/2005
Slow and Small are Beautiful: Recovering from the American Way of Life 05/01/2005
Noncooperation with and Resistance to Illegal Militarism and Wars are Legal under International and U.S. Constitutional Law (Nuremberg Principles) 02/01/2005
People’s Strategies for Blocking U.S. Presidents from Waging Pre-emptive (Aggressive) War 07/01/2004
People’s Revolt From Below 07/01/2004
The Shadow 03/01/2003
Open-Ended Fast Reflecting Upon A Quantum Leap in Consciousness: Our Survival is at Stake 03/01/2003
Is 9/11 and Bush’s “War on Terror” a Psychic Trigger for a Quantum Leap in Human Consciousness? 01/01/2003
Armageddon or Quantum Leap? U.S. Imperialism and Human Consciousness from an Evolutionary Perspective 12/01/2002
Drawing the Line: An Open Letter to Present and Future U.S. Troops 12/01/2002
A Pivotal Evolutionary Moment for the World 10/01/2002
A Radical Manifesto for the New Millennium 09/01/2002
A Radical Proposal for Healing: The Invocation of a National People’s Truth Commission 09/01/2000
End of Cruel U.S. Policies Demands Radical Healing of the National Ethos 07/01/2000
Vietnam: The Redemptive Potential of Our Forever War 04/01/2000
Making War Obsolete: Nonviolence 03/01/1999
A Time for Healing 01/01/1999
The Politics of Healing in the Context of Systemic Injustice 07/01/1996
A Call for a Decentralist, Self-Reliant, Earth-Centered Revolution 07/01/1996
The Irredeemability of “America” and the Call for a Decentralist Revolution 02/01/1995
Sustainable Community 02/01/1995
The Imperative of Revolutionary Nonviolence 01/01/1994
The Sept. 1, 1987 Tragedy at Concord, CA Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) 12/01/1987
The Significance of Nuremberg Actions: Concord Naval Weapons Station, Concord, California 07/01/1987
History of the Idea of the Veterans Peace Action Teams (VPAT) 02/01/1987
A Fast For Life 09/01/1986
Tax Refusal Letters 08/01/1985
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