Brian’s Essays

Title Date
Whose Blood, Whose Hands? 01/05/2020
US America Needs No Fixing – It is Already Totally FIXED 11/26/2019
History US military Overt and Covert Global Interventions 07/15/2012
US Veterans Delegation to Iraq, October 1991 03/21/2012
Counter Terrorism Under Reagan-Bush I 08/23/2011
The Politics of Fear – Living in a Terrorama Society 01/19/2011
DOD STARBASE – An Insidious KID Recruitment Program 03/07/2010
The Secret Behind the Arrowheads 01/31/2010
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, From my personal notes on visit to Haiti in 1991 01/29/2010
Equality and Mutual Aid: Indispensable for Species Survival 01/28/2010
Breaking Our Addiction to War 01/25/2010
Revisiting the Ambush of September 1, 1987: A Metaphor/Myth for the Epoch We Call Civilization 09/01/2007
The Trauma of Civilization for Our Species: War and Its Victims 08/01/2007
Torture IS an “American” Value: Reality Versus the Rhetoric 05/01/2007
9/11 & Bush are Distractions from a People’s Revolt from Below 04/01/2007
Air Force “Ranger” Training Provokes Personal Moral Issues 03/01/2007
PTSD: Reality Versus Rhetoric 03/01/2006
The War on Terror Requires Looking in the Mirror: British Playwright Harold Pinter Tells “Americans” the Truth about Ourselves 12/01/2005
The End of War, or the End of US 12/01/2005
Root and Structural Causes of War 09/01/2005
Prohibited Government Recruiting 09/01/2005
Terror and Preventive War are “American” Values 05/01/2005
Slow and Small are Beautiful: Recovering from the American Way of Life 05/01/2005
Noncooperation with and Resistance to Illegal Militarism and Wars are Legal under International and U.S. Constitutional Law (Nuremberg Principles) 02/01/2005
People’s Strategies for Blocking U.S. Presidents from Waging Pre-emptive (Aggressive) War 07/01/2004
People’s Revolt From Below 07/01/2004
John Kerry’s Obsession 03/01/2004
Who is the Real John Kerry? 01/01/2004
The Pretexts Behind War Making 12/01/2003
Propaganda and Coercion 10/01/2003
Depleted Uranium 09/01/2003
Dear America: An Open Letter to my Country 04/01/2003
The Shadow 03/01/2003
Memorandum from the ACLU Regarding “Patriot Act II” 03/01/2003
Open-Ended Fast Reflecting Upon A Quantum Leap in Consciousness: Our Survival is at Stake 03/01/2003
Is 9/11 and Bush’s “War on Terror” a Psychic Trigger for a Quantum Leap in Human Consciousness? 01/01/2003
A Wounded Child Hobbles Along 01/01/2003
Armageddon or Quantum Leap? U.S. Imperialism and Human Consciousness from an Evolutionary Perspective 12/01/2002
Drawing the Line: An Open Letter to Present and Future U.S. Troops 12/01/2002
U.S. Reach: Product of U.S. Fundamentalism, Not Security 11/01/2002
An Open Letter to Senator John Kerry on Iraq 10/01/2002
A Pivotal Evolutionary Moment for the World 10/01/2002
A Radical Manifesto for the New Millennium 09/01/2002
History of Palestine and Green Line Israel 05/01/2002
September 11, 2001 Wake Up Call: We Are Not Worth More, They Are Not Worth Less 09/11/2001
History of U.S. Sabotage of Korean Peace and Reunification 09/01/2001
Letter to Sam Farr 09/01/2001
Revelations Continue to Mount of U.S. War Crimes in Korea 08/01/2001
Forgotten Crimes Continue to be Revealed at Various Locations in Korea: Germ Warfare in South Korea? 08/01/2001
When will the United States Apologize for its War Crimes? Importance of the Korea Truth Commission to this End 07/01/2001
Bob Kerrey and the Crime of Vietnam: Will We Learn? 05/01/2001
A Radical Proposal for Healing: The Invocation of a National People’s Truth Commission 09/01/2000
Revealing Historic Truths as Foundation for Korean Reunification on its Own Terms 08/01/2000
The First U.S. Korea War 07/01/2000
What the Flag Means To Me 07/01/2000
End of Cruel U.S. Policies Demands Radical Healing of the National Ethos 07/01/2000
The Chronic U.S.-Concocted Distortions about Cuba 06/01/2000
Memorial Day! What Does It Mean? 05/01/2000
Vietnam: The Redemptive Potential of Our Forever War 04/01/2000
Who is Disabled? 03/01/2000
The Unknown Truth About Korea: U.S. Sanctioned Death Squads and War Crimes, 1945-1953 01/01/2000
U.S. Aggression Against Iraq: Historical and Political Context 01/01/2000
U.S. Government Impunity At Home: The Politicization of “Terrorism” 01/01/2000
Korea, Like Vietnam: A War Originated and Maintained by Deceit 12/01/1999
Pinochet and the Unraveling of the “American Century” 11/01/1999
U.S. Criminal History in Indonesia 11/01/1999
Celebrating Columbus is Blasphemy 10/01/1999
America 1941-1999: A Cosmological Historical Perspective 09/01/1999
Memorandum: Accelerated Mortality Rates of Vietnam Veterans 07/01/1999
Making War Obsolete: Nonviolence 03/01/1999
Domestic Counterterrorist Trainings: A Dangerous Trend 01/01/1999
Who are the REAL Terrorists? 01/01/1999
A Time for Healing 01/01/1999
Who is Going to Stop US? 01/01/1999
U.S. Lawlessness with Impunity 01/01/1999
Assimilation or Elimination: Pax Americana–Buy In or Check Out 01/01/1999
The Slippery Slope: U.S. Military Moves Into Mexico 04/01/1998
NAFTA versus LIFE: U.S. Complicity with Mexico in Waging a Final Solution (Genocidal War) to the Indigenous “Problem” 07/01/1997
The Politics of Healing in the Context of Systemic Injustice 07/01/1996
A Call for a Decentralist, Self-Reliant, Earth-Centered Revolution 07/01/1996
The Irredeemability of “America” and the Call for a Decentralist Revolution 02/01/1995
Sustainable Community 02/01/1995
The Columbus Enterprise Prevails in Vietnam: The U.S. Finally Enjoys a Long Eluded Victory 03/01/1994
The Imperative of Revolutionary Nonviolence 01/01/1994
The Case of Panama: U.S. Continues its Bully Ways as International Outlaw 12/01/1991
Male Spirituality: Die if You Must, But Never Kill 07/01/1991
Reflections on My Personal Theology 06/01/1991
A Dialogue with the Great Spirit 01/18/1991
Reflections with Seneca Indian Floyd Redeye: The Legacy of the Columbus Enterprise 01/01/1991
How the U.S. Purchased the 1990 Nicaragua Elections 07/01/1990
U.S.-Waged “Low Intensity” Warfare in Nicaragua 12/01/1989
The Sept. 1, 1987 Tragedy at Concord, CA Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) 12/01/1987
The Significance of Nuremberg Actions: Concord Naval Weapons Station, Concord, California 07/01/1987
Veterans Peace Action Teams Press Release 03/01/1987
Letter from Members of the First Veterans Peace Action Team to U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, Harry Bergold 03/01/1987
History of the Idea of the Veterans Peace Action Teams (VPAT) 02/01/1987
A Fast For Life 09/01/1986
Revelations of U.S. Embassy, Managua, Nicaragua 01/01/1986
Tax Refusal Letters 08/01/1985
Walpole State Prison: An Exercise in Torture 06/01/1981
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